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Exhibition furniture rental is a better option than buying

When planning for a trade show, the most challenging part is starting the exhibit design process. One can either choose to purchase, store your own kiosk, or rent an exhibit customized with components such as graphics. Before making any decision concerning whether to rent or buy the furniture, make sure you have access to the following:

  • Location of the trade show
  • Company goals
  • Strategy testing
  • Frequency of exhibit
  • Budget

Short term event furniture rental

How is it cost effective?

Exhibitions and joint events at various locations are sort of daily job for many companies and purchasing new furniture every single time is not at all practical. For this reason, different companies bring furniture rental service to your area of event offering every type of furniture required for exhibitions. Short term rental helps you avoid hassle of buying, transporting, arranging the furniture and furthermore having to move to storage or sell and even getting rid of it later after it is not in use. Different companies focus on providing you with the best quality exhibition furniture products in terms of design, appearance, and finishes. The set up and the look of furniture at any business event or exhibition stand directly reflects the company’s status and offers grandness which can in turn increase the impression of your exhibition stand.

Furniture rental companies provide you with a flexible and economical way of meeting your short-term furniture needs. Managing and furnishing your exhibition area is a laborious process that requires experienced expertise and constant attention. Rental companies help you handle this problem and allow you to deliver the best show at a reasonable cost.

How furniture rentals save you money

One of the most important benefits of renting rental furniture over purchasing is that renting have no initial upfront cost. This fact can turn furniture into a capital equipment budget item compared for every show expensed item, but this depends on the amount of furniture you need and the policy of the company on purchasing assets. Rental furniture does not have to be stored in a large warehouse or exhibition house, which eradicate warehouse handling and storage fee, and eliminate the need for expensively customized crates used to store or transport the items.

Renting for a show site from the general service contractor (short term Furniture Rental Company) helps you eliminate the separate transportation and material handling expenses mostly associated with transporting heavy furniture. Furthermore, it eliminates the special handling charges that normally occur when blanket-wrapped furniture is put together with other crates and packed exhibit component do not exist.

In addition, there are no storage or transportation costs, and the rental exhibit furniture is usually maintenance free. Whenever you rent furniture for any show, you do not have to worry about the maintenance, refurbishment, or cleaning of the items. And in any case, the rental furnishing arrive at your exhibition area damaged, just report it to the vendor and you will get a free replacement of the furniture before the show floor opens for business

Rental furniture is the king when it comes to flexibility. Various looks can easily be created to suit your kiosk space and furnishing requirements when changing from one show to another. From modern, shiny metal furnishing to colorful, full-figured plastics, and more moderate wood pieces, there are many possibilities. Even though the same primary pieces are rented for every exhibition, things can be kept fresh by just adding a new chair, side table, or ornamental accessory.

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